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Leadership coaching helps organizations build cultures of accountability, innovation, and high performance. The process of improving your “self” ultimately has a positive impact on everything around you.

  • EDGE provides coaching to help any individual in an organization reach their full potential- senior executives, mid-level managers, individual contributors, and management and work teams.
  • The coaching process begins with exploration of the changes the person being coached desires and is open to make, assessing the reality of the current state and setting developmental targets and goals. The coaching process used by EDGE will allow the person being coached to apply new ideas and behaviors incrementally. EDGE’s experienced coaches function as expert listeners, careful observers, and challenging questioners in a way that helps the client maintain responsibility, but with deeper insight, clarity, and courage.
  • Coaching your organizational teams will improve the overall effectiveness and cohesiveness of the team by defining common values and goals and helping each person determine their strengths and barriers to reaching those values and goals.

Leadership Coaching PhotoWhatever your leadership development needs we can provide a coaching solution. Contact EDGE Performance Acceleration at 414-807-7877 or request a one-on-one call.