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Project management and meeting facilitation can be another resource or time issue in an organization that might already have limited resources. By engaging a neutral third party to manage sensitive projects or facilitate critical meetings, you and your team can focus on the content and other areas where your internal knowledge and external expertise can get the best leverage.

By utilizing a process-driven, project management approach, EDGE Performance Acceleration quickly identifies actions required, sets appropriate timelines, brings disparate teams together, and drives projects through execution and follow-up. EDGE acts seamlessly like a member of your team in a way that adds value and enables you to engage at a more strategic level.

Project and Meeting Facilitation PhotoMeeting facilitation can include objective identification, agenda and exercise development to meet the objectives, and monitoring of action plans after the meeting has occurred. This pre to post event approach will:

  • Produce high-quality meetings without the resource drain
  • Ensure meeting goals and objectives are met
  • Help document tasks and timing
  • Ensure post event assignments and action plans are fulfilled

To learn more about the processes employed, or success stores, please call 414-807-7877 or contact EDGE Performance Acceleration here.