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World-class sales and customer service are the heart of every successful, sustainable business.

Sales is the lifeblood of most organizations and can often be an area that receives inconsistent attention and training that may not always fit the needs of the people or match the strategic goals of the organization. EDGE Performance Acceleration has worked with sales organizations of varied sizes and skill levels and is familiar with many of the most common systems or models. Knowing that each client needs to get the maximum value out of their continued investment in sales, each program is developed to meet the needs of the client. Sales programs are built using sustaining mechanisms such as iBooks and proprietary tools to ensure the changes you are looking to make have a long-term impact on the business. Whether it is territory planning and management or skills development, call 414-807-7877 to learn how to drive growth from your sales teams.

Sales and Customer Service PhotoCustomer service is the front-line of your business, and while sales helps gain new customers it is often excellent customer service that helps maintain those relationships. EDGE Performance Acceleration can help you improve the skills of your customer service teams through custom-designed programs and coaching. Through the use of call monitoring and scoring, call coaching, and interactive training programs, your customer service teams will be uniquely positioned to deliver a consistently high level of service. This unique approach improves retention and reduces customer defection. To learn more about customer service training programs call 414-807-7877 or click here to schedule a consultation.